The Crew

The crew, that's Achim (left side) and Markus (right side). They met while studying at a Flying School in Stuttgart, Germany. It was just like back in school: Achim was looking for someone that would talk to him and Markus for a nerd he can copy the homework from. After getting their pilot licenses they continued to meet to go flying and managed a few critical situations together including a noisy go around over the holiest Catholic procession of the year in Kempten, an emergency landing in Krakow, Poland due to imminent strikes of lightning or a mountain excursion to Samedan (St. Moritz) in the Swiss Alps where the above picture was taken.

They are now a well matched team. While Achim likes to go on Air Traffic Control's nerves via the radio, Markus takes responsibility for navigation and ensures that we'll end up roughly where we intended to.

Cew picture