Getting ready for Africa

5:45am local time (that means 4:45am German time) is definitely way too early, in particular if you have to share a hotel room with the snoring Achim and couldn’t sleep at all. However, today we have a challenging leg ahead and need every minute we can get. While yesterday Achim managed to drop the Cessna from meters high onto the runway, today it’s about flying over the open Med for about 3 hours, going from Europe to Africa. The particular danger with a single engine airplane is that in case of an engine failure we’d have no other option than to perform a water ditching somewhere on the ocean. That’s why during the whole flight we will by wearing life jacks and have the life raft and grab bag with our survival gear readily available. Fingers crossed we won’t need any of them. Our first destination in Africa is “Port Said” (well known from TV and radio) where Ahmed is going to help us with immigration and the famous Egyptian paperwork. Also we will be siphoning the fuel that we filled into jerry cans in Dubrovnik and that has been sitting on our back bench, into the aircraft’s main tanks. We could also buy fuel in Egypt but at a price of over $5 per liter and availability at one one airport that is not on our route, we prefer our jerry can solution. If Allah agrees, we will continue onwards to our final destination El Gouna, north of Hurghada.

BTW: We’ve managed to resurrect the SPOT and hope that our live tracking feature will be back today.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Africa

  1. Hallo ihr beiden, vielen Dank für den mulitmedialen Live Reisebericht. Wünsche Euch viel Glück und always happy landings. Letztes Jahr war ich zusammen mit Pilotours in Israel, wir sind über Samos (viele ähnliche Lotsenerfahrungen) nach Zypern (2,5h Meer) und dann den Hüpfer (1h Meer) nach Haifa. Würde mich freuen nach Eurer Rückkehr mal live mit euch zu sprechen. Also nochmals viel Spaß und ich bleibe online. Grüsse Hermann

  2. Congratulations guys on arriving at El Gouna. Hope your stay is enjoyable and you get treated well at the airfield. We look forward to following you on your return flight and I hope you have enjoyed the services offered by G.A.S.E. and Ahmed.
    Hope to be able to meet up with you on your next visit :-)
    Co-Founder G.A.S.E.

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