Arrival in Dubrovnik

We’ve successfully completed the first leg! After an uneventful flight we landed on the deserted airport of Dubrovnik on time. Due to nothing else going on, a whole brigade took care of us. Two guys focused on filling our tanks and jerry cans and others organized the 200m drive to the terminal.

We could have performed the whole leg under visual flight rules (VFR) — at no time did we have to enter clouds.

The weather for tomorrow doesn’t look all that good but probably still good enough to continue our trip. After a great dinner in the gorgeous historical town of Dubrovnik, we went to the hotel’s splendid spa area and are now ready for bed. It’s Valentine’s day but in the bed next to me there is Markus. Isn’t that sad?

3 thoughts on “Arrival in Dubrovnik

  1. Hello Achim and Markus

    I wish you a wonderful trip to El Gouna and back. That the weather may be good and that your trip may be a real but safe adventure!

    Friendly greetings
    (also sent from a hotelroom on Valentine ‘s day :-) , Miami)

  2. Ich hatte extra die Webcams des Flughafens beobachtet um einen Screenshot zu machen. Ihr seid mir aber leider durch die Lappen gegangen. Euer Tracking hat eine Verzögerung von ca. 5 min gehabt, daher war ich etwas zu spät dran.

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